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Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Highlights: Know What Happened During January 3rd Weekend’s Episode?

Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 January 3rd weekends episode ended with tons of emotions after Aajeedh's eviction from the house of Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 has successfully ended week 13th of the season with the start of a new year. In last week’s Sunday weekend episode on January 3rd, we saw a lot of twists and turns inside the house of Bigg Boss. Last week’s episode was quite exciting as we not only saw a week packed with emotional events as well as fights among the housemates.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Sunday, January 3rd Highlight

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Balaji Breaks Into Tears After Inside The Confession Room

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 contestant Balaji had to receive backlash for his statement against Aari. Balaji and Aaris fight during the nominations for last week’s least interesting performer had taken an ugly turn. Aari fans were so enraged with Balaji that they even had started trending #RedCardForBalaji and #AariArujunan demanding Balaji’s eviction from the house. Balaji later was seen crying and talking about his childhood experience inside the confession room and explaining the reason for his actions.

Ramya was the next to enter the confession room and spoke about how she has always been herself and never showed or acted like someone else inside the house of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil. She added, “I have always given my 100 percent and have been true to myself.”

Next was Aajeedh’s turn and he was seen confessing that he has always tried to play fair and never engaged in any gossips unnecessarily. Whereas Shivani and Gabriella said that they wish to complete the show and go out with the title of Bigg Boss Tamil 4.

Aari, Somshekar, And Rio Feel They Deserve To Win BB 4 Tamil

Aari is one of the top contestants inside the house of BB Tamil 4 and he sure does realize that he is doing well inside the house. When Aari entered the confession room he started off by saying how the house of Bigg Boss is the same as the society. He also mentioned that he has always followed the tips given by the host, Kamal Haasan, and never wasted food in the BB house.

Someshekar spoke about his 10 years of struggle and failures he has faced and the tile of Bigg Boss Tamil will be a huge help for him. Rio also entered the confession room and started speaking about his performance, and if the audience is loving him, they can vote for him. He also said that he has never faked and has been true to himself during his whole time inside the house of Bigg Boss Tamil 4.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Caller Of The Week

Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 is very exciting especially on weekdays when host Kamal Hassan brings in a caller of the week. This weekend also Kamal surprised the contestants by connecting to a caller from the audition. Surprisingly the caller asked a question to Ramya saying when is she gonna stop playing safe and voice her opinions like Aari. Ramya responded by saying that she just realized this and henceforth, she will try to open up and share her thoughts on the show

Later Kamal Hassan gave a special task to the housemates, to pick up their respective cards from the storeroom and speak about the contestant mentioned in the card and the strategy adopted by them. Rio spoke about Som and said he does not have a game plan he has just been friendly with the housemates. Later on even Som said the same things for Aajeedh.

Aari got Ramyas name card and spoke about her as a great entertainer with a good sense of humor. Gabriella went on to speak about Balaji’s strategy for always being good to her and said that maybe him not nominating her is just one of his strategies. Balaji went all out when talking about Aari as he claimed that Aari just tries to find fault in others and glorify it. He even accused Aari of not showing his new side.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Aajeedh Gets Evicted

At the end of the episode Kamal Hassan started announcing the names of the nominated contestants who are safe for the week. Shivani received the maximum amount of votes. Aajeedh received the least amount of votes and thus was evicted from the house of Bigg Boss Tamil season 4.

When Kamal Hassan had announced Aajeedh’s name from the cue card contestants got very emotional. Balaji, Ramya and Rio hugged Aajeedh and wished him the best. Aajeedh’s eviction was quite emotional as he bid farewell to everyone with eyes filled with tears. Aajeedh bid everyone farewell after saying a few words about how he will miss Balaji, Ramya and Gabriella and also appreciated Rio and Som for spreading positive vibes inside the house.

Aajeedh also went on to talk about how honoured he was to be on a show hosted by Kamal Hassan. At the end of the episode Kamal Hassan was seen wishing housemates a very Happy New Year. The last few minutes were from inside the house were Balaji was all emotional and being consoled by Shivani. Balaji also pointed out the mistakes made by Aari and even explained his side of the story.