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Bigg Boss 4 Tamil: Finalist Gabriella Walks Out Of The Show With Cash Prize Rupees Five Lakh

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 finalist Gabriella Charlton has walked out of the show with a cash prize offer of Rupees Five Lakh.

Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 finalist Gabriella Charlton and has walked out of the show with a bag full of money. Bigg Boss Tamil 4 is one the course of the season’s finale and the competition had gotten intense inside the house. Soon we will be seeing the finalists of the show on the day of the Grand Finale with host Kamal Hassan.

The viewers have been desperately waiting for the announcement of the Bigg Boss Tamil 4 winner. Currently, there were six contestants inside the house of BB who have been giving their all to win the title of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil. But due to the cash prize twist brought by Bigg Boss things took a completely unexpected turn of events.

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Archana Chandhoke who had entered as the guest in the house went ahead and read the announcement of BB. According to the announcement made Bigg Boss has decided to bring in the suitcase of prize money and with each buzzer, the cash prize will keep on changing. First, the contestants were resultant and were not making any move in taking the cash prize.

Initially, a cash prize of Rs one lakh was offered but no one took it later Bigg Boss went ahead and added Rupees four lakhs to the offer. Contestants were seen a bit reluctant in taking the cash prize. But unexpectedly Gabriella went ahead and grabbed the suitcase of money. Following her, even Rio and Somshekar came saying that even they wanted the cash prize.

Gabriella was sure of her decision and did not budge saying that she has a mom she would like to take care of and can’t give up this opportunity. Then even Rio Raj said that he has a family to look after. The guest and every finalist tried to convince Gabriella to think over her decision but she was sure. Archana and many contestants were shocked at how mature Gabriella seemed about her decision and praised her for it.

With a lot of emotional moments and fixed decision, Gabriella Charlton walked out happily out of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil house with that cash prize of Rupees five lakh.