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Bigg Boss 4 Tamil: Will Balaji Get Evicted With A Red Card After His Ugly Fight With Aari?

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 fans trend #RedCardForBalaji and #AariArujunan demanding Balaji's eviction from the house after his fight with Aari.

Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 has been entertaining and we have seen many ups and downs on the show. The show is on course to complete an intense thirteenth week and things inside the house of Bigg Boss have taken an Ugly turn. This week we had seen family members of housemates entering the show and talking to the contestants during the Freee Task.

Balaji and Aari are the top contestants of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil with their huge fan base and support of the audience. Now, have gotten into an ugly fight with each other. As you may have seen before Balaji has been quite calm on the show compared to the initial days. Balaji’s brother who entered the house as a guest had asked him to show his full potential.

Following which Balaji is back to his usual self had has once again made a controversial statement about the past seasons titled winners that they all didn’t perform to their full potential the day before yesterday. He also said that he would not be happy if Aari wins the Bigg Boss Tamil title this season.

His words were harsh after which Aari nominated Balaji for this week’s least interesting performer. And as we would have expected Balaji did not take this lightly and ended up interrupting Aari in the middle which did not go well with Aari as he made a rude remark to Balaji. This sparked a huge fight between the duo and eventually ended up getting selected as the two least interesting performers of the week and sent to jail.

The fight did not stop there Aari and Balaji were seen arguing even when they were n their way to jail. Balaji lost his cool and also abused Aari during the fight and even broke the microphone. Balaji’s actions and words not only enraged Aari fans but also the general audeince. Bigg Boss Tamil 4 viewers believe Balaji does not deserve to be in the house and should be a given a red card.

Fans and viewers even started trending #RedCardForBalaji and #AariArujuna on social media in support of Aari. Let’s see if the host of Bigg Boss Tamil Kamal Hassan will be giving any punishment to Balaji for his actions or will Balaji will not be facing any backlash.