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Bigg Boss 4 Tamil: Aari Or Balaji Who Will Win The Title Of BB Tamil 4 Based On Voting Trends?

Bigg Boss Tamil Aari Arjuna seems to be the most likely contestant to win the title of BB 4 Tamil based on the voting trends.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil has successfully been one of the top reality show in terms of popularity as well as the TRP charts. Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 now is on the course of the start of Week  14. Balaji and Aari Arjuna are the top contestants inside the house and seem to be most likely to either win the title of Bigg Boss Tamil.

Aari, Balaji, and Rio are top contestants of the house, and if speculations and rumors are to be believed we may be seeing Balaji and Aari facing each other to win the trophy this year for Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4.  Aari Arjuna seems to be the most likely contestants inside the house of Bigg Boss 4 capable of winning the title based on Voting Trend.

Many viewers and fans have predicted that Aari, Balaji, and Rio will have a better chance of winning the Bigg Boss title. While some celebrities have spoken up about who is the most likely to win the title. Tamil film music composer James Vasanthan was also seen posting a comment on his social handle.

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James Vasanthan in his comments said, ‘Aari is the Title winner. That’s a different matter. But, I wonder how this guy manages such animosity from all directions with such mettle!  I just can’t imagine myself holding ground, where everyone despises you, tricks you, accuses you, and conspires against you. In spite of facing all these for the last 75 days, he’s still arguing and debating on merits. He attacks issues but those around him attack the person that he is’.

Aari Or Balaji  Bigg Boss Tamil 4 winner  based on voting trends

Aari Arjuna has been ruling the voting trends for weeks now. And after his huge fight with Balaji Things do not seem to be in favor of Bala. We will most likely be seeing Aari Arjuna emerging as the winner of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil.