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Bigg Boss 4 Tamil: 15th January Promo, Balaji Gets Ignored By Shivani?

Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 15th January promo is out and it seems Shivani has ignored Balaji after entering the house.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 is on the course of an amazing finale week and only a few days are remaining for the Grand Finale. The house has become quite festive and entertaining after eliminated contestants arrived in as special guests.

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Among all these series of the event occurring inside the house, we saw Gabriella walking out of the BB 4 Tamil house with the cash prize of Rupees five lakh. The first promo of the day is out and it seems Suchi was going in the storeroom to get food but then happens to notice a mat next to her. And to everyone’s surprise, Shivani who was the last contestant to get evicted from the house of Bigg Boss was hiding inside the mat.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 15th January Promo Balaji Gets Ignored By Shivani

Balaji was resting heard everyone’s laughter and giggles decide to check out what happened.  Shivani is seen hugging Ramya and talks of mokka jokes. Later when she see Balaji she quietly passes through with just waving her hand and moves away without talking to him. Balaji was completely ignored by Shivani among the crowd of contestants. Shivani was being friendly with everyone but only did not react to Balaji.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 15th January Promo Balaji Gets Ignored By Shivani

It is clearly can be seen that Shivani was awkward around Balaji and ignored him.  Bala later is seen walking away from the crowd after being ignored by Shivani.

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