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Bigg Boss 14: Manu Punjabi Questions Salman Khans Comment, Says Rahul Vaidya Is Not A ‘Bhagoda’

Manu Punjabi shared a video on his Instagram where he was seen disagreeing with Salman Khan's comment 'Bhagoda' during BB14 Weekend Ka Vaar.

Manu Punjabi who an ex-contestant of Bigg Boss and had entered as a challenger in Bigg Boss 14 house but had to exit due to health concerns. Now Manu Punjabi was has come forth in support of his fellow contestant Rahul Vaidya.

Manu Punjabi a video on Instagram, in which he disagreed and questioned Salman Khan’s comment during last week’s Weekend Ka Vaar. Rahul Vaidya’s sudden elimination during the ‘Grand Finale’ had not only the audience but also Salman Khan and the rest of the contestants.

Rahul Vaidya had voluntarily walked out of the show claiming that he was missing his family and was homesick and wanted to leave BB14 house. Later on, Rahul Vaidya again entered the house of Bigg Boss thanks to his fan’s demand and protest against his eviction.

Manu Punjabi in his video defended Rahul Vaidya saying, ‘ Disha Parmar or his family, he is ‘mahaan’  for doing so. “Rahul Vaidya chahe girlfriend ki wajah se, chahe woh apni mother ki wajah se gaya, kisi bhi reason se woh gaya, woh mahaan hai, uske andar yeh quality hai ki woh itne bade manch ko chhod kar apne dil ki awaaz sun ke wahaan se jaata hai’.

Manu Punjabi also captioned the video saying, ‘#Rahulvaidya (BHAGODA) Nahi Hai.. @rahulvaidyarkv ne esa bhi kya galat kiya bhai samaz nhi aaya. Family ya Girlfriend ke Liye Show Quit karne ki himmat Chahiye Usne Dikhai. Or Uske Bad Usko Show Ki Or Show Ko Uski Jarurat Thi Isliye Aaya’.

Rahul Vaidya getting labeled as a ‘Bhagoda’ aka quitter but the show host Salman Khan has even influenced the housemates. Many time Rahul was targeted and insulted by the housemates calling him a ‘Bhagoda’. Rahul Vaidya even requested Salman to not label him as a quitter, as he felt bad about it. To which Salman Khan got angry and said, “Don’t try and justify this act of yours, agar bhaage ho, toh bhaage ho.”

Salman Khan’s words did not stop till there he went on to say Rahul Vaidya that every contestant is giving their all even after being away from their loved ones and it will be ‘unfair’ if he won Bigg Boss 14 title.