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Bigg Boss 14: Did Eijaz Khan Finally Admit His Love For Pavitra Punia?

In the recent episode of Bigg Boss, 14 Eijaz Khan was seen admitting his love for Pavitra Punia, says, 'I hope you are waiting for me'

In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 14, we saw not only just popular celebrities but also ex-contestant of the show making a guest appearance.  We saw ex-contestant and popular actress Sunny Leone making entering the show as a special guest-doctor.

Sunny Leone had entered the house of Bigg Boss in order to cure the diseases of the housemates. Eijaz Khan was the first to enter to get the privilege of getting treated by Doctor Sunny Leone. She did an electrocardiogram of Eijaz and found that his heart rates are very high, to which Eijaz confessed saying, “mere dil ki har dhadkan me pavitra hai – kuch bhi ho jaaye bahar, mai ready hu.”

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Eijaz Khan who is usually seen as very quiet and rarely shows his emotions on the show had a wonderful moment with Sunny Leone. Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia’s chemistry on the show had been quite questionable since the start. But Eijaz Khan looked into the camera and confessed his feelings saying, “Tujhe miss kar raha hu, mujhe aur pyaar sa ho raha hai.” He further added saying that ‘love’ is a timid word, and he doesn’t want to use it.

Eijaz did not just stop there he then even went on to say, “dil karta hai tujhse bahar aake milu” and concluded his confession by saying  “I hope you are waiting for me.” and  “I think I love Pavitra.”

We all know that Eijaz Khan and Pavitra’s chemistry and their lovey-dovey incidents inside the Bigg Boss 14 house was assumed as a strategy to gain audience attention. Let’s wait and see if this is just a simple strategy of Eijaz Khan’s feelings for Pavitra Punia are true or not. Keep reading on Bigg Boss 360 for more Bigg Boss 14 updates.