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Bigg Boss 14: Captaincy Task Details Out, Who Won The Captaincy?

Bigg Boss 14 contestants have started to win to fight against each other to win the captaincy task for this week.

Bigg Boss 360 is back with another update for you guys directly from inside the house of Bigg Boss 14 way before it has aired on television. Bigg Boss has started the captaincy task and the contestants can be seen fighting to win this week’s captaincy.

According to sources we have received a few highlights and updates about the captaincy task which will be held in the garden area.  In the garden area, Bigg Boss has done a set up of hot air balloon and has instructed all contestants to take a sack and fill it with their personal items and put it inside the hot air balloon.

Bigg Boss will be calling out a contestant’s name which will have to go near the balloon and through any contestant’s sack inside the swimming pool to remove them out of the captaincy race. Jasmin Bhasin was the first one to enter the ballon and decide to throw Eijaz Khan’s sack inside the pool, ultimately removing him from the captaincy task.

This was all done by Jasmin Bhasin for taking her revenge on Eijaz Khan since previous Eijaz had accused Jasmin of not being a capable captain. Later contestants were seen discussing something about the tasks and plotting something. We will update you with future details of the task so stay tuned on Bigg Boss 360.